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Due to the COVID-19 situation, VUSD schools are closed until further notice. Teaching and learning will resume virtually on April 6th with the launch of Vista Virtual School.

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VISTA VIRTUAL SCHOOL The Vista Virtual School is specifically designed to provide students ongoing learning opportunities and access to the resources necessary to support their educational, social-emotional, nutritional, and health and safety needs.
At the elementary school level, l
earning opportunities will be available to all students and families to engage with at any time. Students will have a variety of learning activities devoted to reading and writing, math, science, physical education, and social-emotional. Teachers will provide daily communication, and students will have the opportunity to ask questions and get extra help via email and other virtual tools.

Welcome to Cal Ave's Virtual School!

Using Zoom and Canvas, a robust learning management system, teachers provide live "synchronous" daily instruction and "asynchronous" independent work.  Instruction is aligned to students' IEP goals.  IEP meetings and parent training will be conducted virtually via "Zoom".   

Weekly Schedule 

Temporary Grading Policy

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The English Language Development (ELD) Department is committed to the academic and linguistic progress of our English Language Learners (ELLs). Our goal is to support our teachers so they can provide resources and strategies for all English Language Learners to access academic content and advance their language and grade level proficiencies in the Vista Virtual School.

The ELD Department has collaborated in the development of the virtual lessons in Google Classroom and the instructional plan to guarantee that our ELLs are equipped with the tools needed for learning. We will continue to assist all professionals, students and families during this time. For more information, please contact the principal lead at